Pinoy ka ba?

Be a Virtual Registered Nurse Today!

We are a US-based company looking to hire Registered Nurses based in the Philippines. #PinoyNursesOnly

Work directly with our clients to help them with their medical office needs, virtually.

Perks of Being a VRN

Competitive Pay Rates

Aside from the fact that you’ll be earning dollars while staying in the Philippines, your rate will depend on how much experience you have in the profession, plus you’ll be getting different long-term benefits.

Training & Certification

We will provide you all the training you will need to perform a Virtual Registered nurse's tasks with pay! You will get a Certificate and become an official Virtual Registered Nurse.

Work from Home

Most Pinoy Nurses need to work abroad, away from their families, to earn what a nurse is supposed to earn. You now have the opportunity to do just that, in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your loved ones.

Long-term Relationship

You will work with the same client consistently, leading to the development of a long-lasting work relationship.

US-based Clients

All of our Virtual RNs will work with doctors and other medical professionals based in the USA.


Become a part of a growing, tight-knit, and dedicated group of healthcare professionals ready to serve their clients.

To Qualify:

System Requirements

Because this is a Virtual Job, we have Minimum & Recommended System Requirements:



Meet the Founder

Adam Nager founded VirtualRNS in 2020 with the hopes of reducing the administrative burden medical professionals with their EMR and back-office struggles. The number one reason for physicians consider selling their practice is because of the overwhelming burden of managing the business side of healthcare.

Adam’s mission is to provide solutions and services that allow privately owned medical practice to focus more on their time with patients and less on the paperwork and administrative burdens that can overwhelm a practice.

The solution is VirtualRNS. A comprehensive solution to give physicians more time to do what they love most – helping people. VirtualRN was created to give practitioners more freedom in their practice and business without sacrificing their quality of care.